hahaha every band i can remember seeing

if you've been to concerts with me and don't see the bands here, let me know!


adult mom (Duck Room, St. Louis, MO)

advance base (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 11/30/22)

alex g (the Majestic, Detroit, MI; 11/4/22; Dell Music Center, Philadelphia, PA; 8/26/23)

alvvays (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23; Dell Music Center, Philadelphia, PA; 8/26/23)

amalia juliane (806 catherine, ann arbor, MI; 6/22/23)

american basswood (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

american poetry club (kwur house, St. Louis, MO)

another michael (the beat kitchen, chicago, IL; bowlero, royal oak, MI; 10/31/21)

anytime (the blind pig, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/9/22)

axel bowman (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)


the b-52's (Arch grounds, St. Louis, MO)

backwash (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

béla fleck (Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI; 12/16/22; Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/14/23)

ben (wood), conner, sam (BCS) (Metal Frat, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/3/22)

ben, inés, conner (BIC) (806 catherine, ann arbor, MI; 6/22/23)

the beths (Logan Square Art Fest, Chicago, IL; The Ready Room, St. Louis, MO)

benjamin dakota rogers (the Ark, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/10/23)

big chemical (harvest fest, university farm, Ann Arbor, MI; owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/9/22; harvest fest, university farm, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/25/22; umich diag, Ann Arbor, MI; 10/20/22; 504 high street, Ann Arbor, MI; 3/24/23; grad party 1139 lincoln, Ann Arbor, MI; 4/23/23; the barn, Ann Arbor, MI; 5/30/23)

big thief (royal oak music theatre, royal oak, MI; 4/23/22; pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/22/23)

big tobacco (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

big vic (the sanctuary, hamtramck, MI; 11/19/21)

billy bragg (Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO)

billy woods (the magic bag, Ferndatle, MI; 10/13/22)

the blankies (Vail Co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 8/13/22)

bnny (El Club, Detroit, MI; 10/3/21)

bon iver (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

the bones of j.r.jones (the Ark, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/10/23)

boyscott (The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/17/19; bowlero, royal oak, MI; 10/30/21)

brawsh (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

brooks strause (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO - Tom Thumb)

bruiser queen (vintage vinyl, st. louis, mo)

bruiser wolf (el club, detroit, mi; 3/21/22)



camp counselor (Craig, St. Louis, MO; Foam, St. Louis, MO)

car seat headrest (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18; The Crossroads, Kansas City, MO)

carter ward (owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/15/22)

chastity belt (Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO)

christopher the conquered (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

clap your hands say yeah (the blind pig, ann arbor, MI; 3/28/22)

coco & clair clair (the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI; 4/6/23)

comrade catbox (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

courtney barnett (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18)

cricketfish (CBGB, St. Louis, MO; the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

the cult of lip (CBGB, St. Louis, MO)

curt oren (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO; Tom Thumb middle school, Kirksville, MO)


dana t (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

daron hanlon (Off Broadway, St. Louis, MO)

deadbeat beat (ufo factory; detroit, MI; 4/5/2022)

deeper (Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL; 10/9/2021)

dehd (El Club, Detroit, MI; 10/3/21)

den mate (Songbyrd, Washington DC)


diet cig (Duck Room, St. Louis, MO)

divino niño (Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL; 10/8/21)

dolly spartans (wustl, St. Louis, MO)

dogtown athletic club (the Duck Room, St. Louis, MO; CBGB, St. Louis, MO)

dominant hand (vertex, ann arbor, MI; 5/26/2022)

dorée & jonah (owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/9/22; 418 state; Ann Arbor, MI; 7/10/22)

dorfrocker (umsl, St. Louis, MO)

double grave (CBGB, St. Louis, MO)

dram (Pershing Gym, Kirksville, MO)

dubb nubb (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

dummy (ufo factory, detroit, MI; 4/5/2022)


early eyes (Wicker Park Fest, Chicago, IL)

the evening attraction (Schubas, Chicago, IL)

extravision (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)


fat ray (el club, detroit, mi; 3/21/22)

fetty wap(Pershing Gym, Kirksville, MO)

fleet foxes (masonic temple, detroit, mi; 8/5/22)

flight patterns (metal frat, ann arbor, MI; 1/17/23)

florist (wealthy theatre, grand rapids, mi; 3/3/22; pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

frankie cosmos (grinnell, Grinnell, IA)

frankie valet (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO; kwur house, St. Louis, MO; Nü Craig, St. Louis, MO)

friendship (otus supply; Ferndale, MI; 8/13/22)

fun. (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

future crib (the sanctuary; Hamtramck, MI; 6/24/2022)

foxholes (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18; Tom Thumb middle school, Kirksville, MO)



glen hansard (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

glitter density (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

gloom balloon (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

goodie (owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/15/22)

grace ives (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

the greeting committee (the SUB, Kirksville, MO)

gregory allen isakov (Ready Room, St. Louis, MO)


hail mary (Baby's All Right, Brooklyn, NY; 3/4/23)

half gringa (the Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL)

harmolodics (fiction, Brooklyn, NY; 3/1/23)

harmolodics (blue llama, Ann Arbor, MI; 6/24/23)

harper (owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 1/7/23; vail co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 3/10/23; mich-minnies co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/1/23; Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, Mi; 9/9/23)

hatchie (the Majestic, Detroit, MI; 11/4/22)

hepcat (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

hitech (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 3/14/23; Contant garden party store, Detroit, MI; 5/28/23)

honeydew & the jackal (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

hop along (Logan Square Art Fest, Chicago, IL)

horse jumper of love (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 2/22/22)

hotflash heatwave (Wicker Park Fest, Chicago, IL)

hotline tnt (the Majestic; Detroit, MI; 9/6/22)


idle ray (ufo factory, detroit, MI; 4/5/2022; otus supply, ferndale, MI; 8/13/22)

inner wave (Schubas, Chicago, IL)


jack lion (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

jeff draco (songbyrd, washington DC)

jeff rosenstock (the majestic, detroit, MI; 11/16/21)

jockstrap (pitchfork; Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

joe and the ruckus (Harvest Fest - university farm, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/25/22)

joey nebulosa (Schubas, Chicago, IL)

josh ritter (Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO; the Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

joywave (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO; 4/30/15)

jpegmafia (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

jupiter styles (cafe berlin, Columbia, MO; Wicker Park Fest, Chicago, IL)

JUS (el club, detroit, mi; 3/21/22)


kaleta and the super yamba band (Logan Square Art Fest, Chicago, IL)

kara jackson (Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL; 10/8/2021)

kara-lis coverdale (royal oak music theatre; royal oak, MI; 4/24/22)

karen meat (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO; 80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18)

kelala (Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY; 7/8/23; pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

kids (CBGB, St. Louis, MO)

king krule (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/22/23)

kingfisher (707 lawrence, ann arbor, MI; 11/19/22; 418 state, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/10/22; the blind pig; Ann Arbor, MI; 9/9/22; the LV Cabin, Ann Arbor, MI; 12/15/22; Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, MI; 1/6/23; Cahoots, Ann Arbor, MI; 1/3/23)

koffee (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

the kooks (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO; 4/30/15)


lala lala (Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL; 10/8/21)

lawrence (Sonic Lunch, Ann Arbor, MI; 8/25/22)

leikeli47 (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

lesbian poetry (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

live.e (Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY; 7/8/23)

live sounds (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

lucille furs (Schubas, Chicago, IL)

lucrecia dalt (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

lunar vacation (the sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 6/23/22)

lunch (Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, Mi; 9/9/23)

lyle lovett (arch grounds, St. Louis, MO)


manapool (evelyn & vivian's basement, st. louis, MO) 11/26/21

the mark twain transmission project (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

mavi (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

michael seyer (Schubas, Chicago, IL)

michigander (Sonic Lunch, Ann Arbor, MI; 6/30/2022)

the microphones (wealthy theatre, grand rapids, mi; 3/3/22)

MIKE (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 3/14/23)

milky chance (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO; 5/12/15; Sonic Lunch, Ann Arbor, MI, 6/16/22)

mississippi surfers (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

mj lenderman and the wind (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 2/22/22; the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 11/30/22; Lincoln Hall, Chicago, Il; 7/21/23; Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/22/23)

mold gold (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO; friendsgiving, st. louis, MO; 11/27/21)

momma (the Majestic, Detroit, MI; 9/6/22; (Baby's All Right, Brooklyn, NY; 3/4/23)

the monkey girls (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

moontype (Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL; 10/9/2021)

mother meat

mountain swallower (the Aquadome, St. Louis, MO)

mucker futhers (the Aquadome, Wrongdaddy's, Kirksville, MO)

mvstermind (wustl, St. Louis, MO)


naked giants (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18; the Crossroads, Kansas City, MO)

nation of language (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

ness lake (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 2/22/22; metal frat, Ann Arbor, MI; 1/17/23)

nicholas naioti (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

niontay (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 3/14/23)

nourished by time (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

NWRH (P.U.G., Detroit, MI)


oceanator (the majestic, detroit, MI; 11/16/21)

oh wonder (the Ready Room, St. Louis, MO)

the opera bell band (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO - Tom Thumb)

overrated oven (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)


paddlefish (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

palm (Otus Supply, Ferndale, MI; 11/3/22)

paper ceilings (the Aquadome, Kirksville MO)

peter, bjorn, and john (the Ready Room, St. Louis, MO)

pineapple rnr (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

pink neighbor (Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA)

pizza babe (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

plout (Mich-minnies co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 10/8/22; Cahoots, Ann Arbor, MI, 1/13/23)

pocket vinyl (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

pono am (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

the poison control center (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18)

post animal (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

post nasal drip (mich-minnies co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 10/29/22; vail co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 3/10/23)

prison love (St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, IE)

the pronouns (owen co-op; Ann Arbor, MI; 7/15/22)

the public

the punch brothers (Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI; 12/16/22)


quelle chris (the magic bag, Ferndale, MI; 10/13/22)

quentin ahmad dagod (el club, detroit, mi; 3/21/22)


radiator hospital (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

radio free kirksville (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

rae fitzgerald (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

ramona and the sometimes (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18)

ratboys (Cafe Berlin, Columbia, Missouri; the Duck Room, St. Louis, MO; Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL; 2/28/20)

reagan goes to lunch (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

real dom (Geno's 70s Club/the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

remember sports (the Duck Room, St. Louis, MO; Schubas, Chicago, IL)

ric wilson (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

riddle m. (owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/15/2022)

riot course (Vail Co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 8/13/22)

ronnie rogers

the royal concept (Pop's, East St. Louis, IL)


sacred paws (Wicker Park Fest, St. Louis, MO)

scary pockets (the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI; 4/15/23)

sen morimoto (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

shady bug (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

shakti (Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/14/23)

the shins (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

sidney gish (Wicker Park Fest, Chicago, IL; the Beat Kitchen, Chicago, IL)

sigmund frauds (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

the skeleboners (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

the slaps (Songbyrd, Washington DC; the sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 6/24/2022)

slap slap (cahoot, ann arbor, MI; 5/27/22)

slaughter beach, dog (the majestic, detroit, MI; 11/16/21)

sleeping cranes

sleepy kitty (Vintage Vinyl, St. Louis, MO)

slow mass (Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL; 2/28/20)

the smile (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

snail mail (Wicker Park Fest, Chicago, IL; the Majestic, Detroit, MI; 9/6/22)

soccer mommy (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18)

soul glo (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/23/23)

spencer ratcliffe (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 11/30/22)

spirits having fun (Foam, St. Louis, MO)


summer like the season (P.U.G., Detroit, MI; the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 2/22/22; Top of the Park, Ann Arbor, MI; 6/28/2022)

sunsulking (Foam, St. Louis, MO)

synthetic sun (the Aquadome, Kirsville, MO)


tadpole (owen co-op, Ann Arbor, MI; 7/9/22)

tanner & kaysen (escherfest, Ann Arbor, MI; 4/22/23)

tanukichan (Dell Music Center, Philadelphia, PA; 8/26/23)

tenci (otus supply, ferndale, MI; 8/13/22)

tennis (the Pageant, St. Louis, MO)

terror pigeon (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

the third son (the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI; 2/12/22)

token youth (metal frat, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/3/22)

tonbandgerät (COCA, St. Louis, MO)

trace mountains (Schubas, Chicago, IL)

trashbaby (Dukum Inn/ the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)

tried (metal frat, Ann Arbor, MI; 9/2/22; Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, Mi; 9/9/23)

twen (Logan Square Art Fest, Chicago, IL)

two headed cow (the Aquadome, Kirksville, MO)


umami (evelyn & vivian's basement, st. louis, MO; 11/26/21; handlebar; 5/19/23)

uwade (masonic temple, detroit, MI; 8/5/2022)


vagabon (80/35, Des Moines, IA; 7/7/18)

versing (Logan Square Art Fest, Chicago, IL)


water from your eyes (Otus Supply, Ferndale, MI; 11/3/22)

wednesday (the sanctuary, hamtramck, MI; 11/19/21; off broadway, st. louis, MO; 5/18/23)

weyes blood (pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/22/23)

wild up (Rackham auditorium, Ann Arbor, MI; 4/16/23)

the wombats (Pop's, East St. Louis, IL)


youth lagoon (Pitchfork, Chicago, IL; 7/21/23)

yuppy (Foam, St. Louis, MO)


zelooperz (el club, detroit, MI; 3/21/22; contant garden party store, Detroit, MI; 5/28/23)


100 gecs (the Ready Room, St. Louis, MO; 12/21/19)

454 (the Sanctuary, Hamtramck, MI; 3/14/23)