a spot for things I might want to remember

- on hating August. gets at the claustrophobia of the month.

Against August

- Joseph Beuy's action where he traveled by ambulance to a gallery in NYC, stayed in the gallery with a coyote for 3 days, hugged the coyote at the end, and traveled back to the airport via ambulance, having never stepped foot in america.

I Like America and America Likes Me

- really enjoying the Quietus' column, Baker's Dozen, where musicians choose 13 albums that influenced them the most/mean the most/etc. it was cool listening to the Weather Station's picks and being able to hear the influences on their work.

Baker's Dozen

- I have a really long eyelash and someone told me it reminded them of the Viy, a monster in Russian folklore who has eyelashes that reach the floor. Gogol wrote a short novella of his interpretation of the story. I read it on a long December night while I was home alone and found it surprisingly scary.

The Viy

- To watch: Agnes Varda's The Gleaners and I


- Essay by Fady Joudah written during the 2021 Palestine-Israel conflict about the rejection of his Palestenian poem by the New Yorker. He reflects on the tokenism of Palestinians by the American media, the issue of "the victim's victim," and Palestinian American identity. Joudah is going to speaking as part of the Zell writer's series this month, and I'm excited to hear what he choses to read and discuss.

My Palestinian Poem that the New Yorker Wouldn't Publish