Haha I slept so much last night. I do not know what was going on with me. But it made it easy to get up at 6am this morning and get going on my prep in lab. I do like getting in very early because it is quite peaceful and we have huge windows to watch the sunrise. My aloe plant is doing better now that I'm watering it more.


I had a good weekend of hiking and hanging out, but then today was a bit disorienting. However, I did finally get Blank Slate with A and L! I chose white chocolate raspberry chip. Unexpectedly it also had dark chocolate chips in it which was delightful. The temperature was in the high 50's, so we sat outside and caught up. I was going to leave work after that, but then I remembered I needed to top of the LN2 in the big dewar. When I got down to the basement, the LN2 was empty, so I had to struggle to replace it :(

Now that I've made it home, I'm SO tired. Like it doesn't make sense. I feel like I took NyQuil because my eyes are so heavy and my head fuzzy. I'm trying to stay awake until 9 but might not make it.


Yesterday was gorgeous, but today we are back to cold. I left lab for a bit to mail some letters, and without a hat, my ears were frozen and giving me a headache. I had a meeting about my grant application, which was very helpful. I started doing the easy things this afternoon like inputting every post-secondary class I've taken. I'm really glad that the NIH gets to see that I received an A for my Beginning Tumbling class. Honestly, a better class than many in my Truman experience.

I've kind of been coasting through lab since I passed my prelim. I guess I did a pretty big experiment yesterday, but then I was so out of practice with plunging grids that I think only one will potentially be good. But I suppose that's fine.


wow I did not do well with February. In literally every sense. But March! How liberating. I bought a large floor lamp off nextdoor this evening. The switch is a little broken but still workable and it looks much better than the previous lamp.

I'm having a difficult time reading this paper for class. It shouldn't be this hard - it's even on a topic I'm interested in and know about, but I read a section and then take an hour break. alas.