It is snowing a lot tonight. We're supposed to get up to 8" on top of the 6" we already have. The neighbor with the snowblower has already been out once this evening clearing our sidewalk - the best.

Feeling tense lately. Hopefully once this prelim is over that will make me a little less on edge. I did take a break from preparing over the weekend because I had my department practice Friday.

I finally started knitting my balaclava this weekend, but I'm doing it without a pattern so it might take a few tries.


Feeling very cold. I have a low-grade fever, but I guess that means vaccine round 2 is doing its work. I need to finish an assignment and go over my presentation before I go back to sleep. Alas.

The other morning a family of deer ran up beside my car but then didn't cross in front of me.

My parents sent me more cat pens, a CD, a mask I left, and a Valentine's card.


I bought a snowsuit yesterday off of nextdoor. I almost didn't get it when I realized I would have to drive 15 to pick it up, but then I argued that I wouldn't think twice about driving 15 min in stl. The house was right on a frozen lake where people were snowmobiling and ice fishing. The woman was probably close to 85, British, and wanted to talk with me about skiing. She asked where I skied, and not want to give myself away as a phony who has never skied, I replied "...around." A lovely experience.

When I get on the highway, I want to keep driving. I want to make last minute highway changes and stop at a Love's for coffee and a few minutes break.


I went to lots of seminars today and actually paid attention to some of them. It's snowing now, and I really want to go for a night snow walk. I need to keep working on this presentation, but maybe I'll just do that in the morning. My head is tired and swimming. I forgot my gloves this morning, so I drove with a hat and scarf on my hands.


I turned in my written proposal today after working on out for 7+ hours straight yesterday. It was exhausting. Also frustrating because I condensed the work of a week into a day just for the proposal to sit in my committee's inboxes. But whatever it's done, and now I can work on my presentation.

On Monday we won trivia and that's the high I'm trying to ride through the week. But truly struggling.

It was really beautiful today. The sun on the snow makes everything so bright it hurts. I wore my bonnet inside out. How embarrassing.